A message from
OW's Owner & Webmaster
DeWayne Knight
OhioWaterfowler.com was founded in 2002 by Captain Mark
Budnick.  Captain Mark's initial vision was for "OW", or "O-Dub" as
many people call it, to be a "cyber" gathering place for friends to get
together and discuss the sport they all shared a passion for;
waterfowl hunting. OhioWaterfowler.com's forum was created to
provide waterfowl hunters a place to meet, discuss, learn, debate,
make new friends, and generally share the sport and camaraderie at
all times throughout the year.

When Mark started out, the forums had just a handful of members.  
The number swelled to about 1,700 members and in March of 2006,
Mark decided to pursue other interests and sold
OhioWaterfowler.com to me, DeWayne Knight, the current owner
and webmaster of OhioWaterfowler.com.  Recently, I handed the
reins of the forum over to Keith and Austin of Groupbuilder.

I got my start hunting over 40 years ago, and first waterfowl hunted
over 30 years ago.  In the time since, I have acquired extensive
experience in the sport, working to refine my skills through time in the
marsh and in the field.  But waterfowling is not just a hobby to me; it
has also been my vocation.  I got started "in the industry", by
becoming involved with guiding as a sideline pursuit.  Being in sales
as a profession for most of my adult life, I put those sales skills to
use for companies in the industry and  became a Pro-Staffer for
Avery Outdoors and Zink Calls.  This led to me to being hired full
time as the first ever National Sales Manager for Zink Calls.  I
moved on from Zink Calls when I was recruited by Flambeau
Outdoors to become their National Sales & Marketing Manager for
the Hunting Division.  While with Flambeau, I focused primarily on
sales, but also spent a great deal of time on new product
development.  Since I acquired OhioWaterfowler.com in March of
2006, I have worked to grow the website, the store and content.

Moving forward, you will see big changes to the website, especially
our online store  In addition to the online store, check out our
conservation pages, product review pages, and much more!  
Welcome, and enjoy!
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