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Bad Grammer DVD Review
by DeWayne Knight

Scott Threinen has produced a winner here folks!!!  “Bad
Grammer” is a 2 DVD set, and an incredible value for the
money.  The first thing you will find out when you start watching
the “Bad Grammer” DVD is that Scott isn’t some “Prima Donna”
who puts himself up on a pedestal.  I don’t want to spoil it, but in
the intro, he and Craig Roseneau goof around in a spoof of the
sound and frame check which I found very entertaining.  You
can tell that Scott likes to have fun and doesn’t have the
problem of taking himself TOO seriously.  

Once Scott gets to the actual “instruction”, he is all business,
but still his delivery and commentary are very entertaining.  His
philosophy is all his own, and he presents it in a matter of fact
way that leaves you thinking to yourself: “that REALLY makes

Scott starts the instruction of “Bad Grammer” with
fundamentals.  He begins with a general discussion of goose
calls, including choosing the call itself, as well as the material
the call is made from.  Next he moves into the fundamentals of
holding the call, how to put the call to your mouth, your tongue
position, your air presentation, etc.  Scott goes into a TON of
detail with his verbal description, and I personally feel the
camera work showing everything is AWESOME!  Each and
every part is shown in great detail and very close up.  As the
saying says: “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  Video has to
be worth tens of thousands of words.  

Scott then goes into the individual notes, and how to make
them.  Again the combination of verbal description, with great up
close camera work makes for super instruction.  Scott covers all
the notes I’ve heard of, and even some I haven’t, in “Bad
Gammer”.  The list of individual notes he goes into detail on the
DVD are as follows:   

The Cluck

The Honk

The Moan

The Double Cluck

The Murmur

Building Speed

The Hiccup

The Spit Note

The Train

And The Gray Eyebrow

All of the notes are explained in great detail, including hand
position and air presentation, with great visual closeups.  A true
bonus in my opinion is the actual hunting footage accompanying
the note segments, showing the notes being used in the field to
harvest geese.  Great stuff!!!

The last parts of the video consist of some excellent bonus
material; “Goose Tips”, “Tuning a Call”, and “Final Thoughts”.  
“Goose Tips” touches on rhythm, which is extremely important.  
Scott makes excellent points in sounding like geese, instead of
sounding like a human on a goose call.  The tuning is very
informative, going into very specific detail on the parts of a call,
as well as actually putting the call together and making it sound
good.  All of these segments are extremely valuable.

“Bad Grammer” is a MUST HAVE in the arsenal of every goose
hunter who wants to become more proficient on a call, and
harvest more geese.

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"Chasin the Dream"
Reviewed by
DeWayne Knight

Todd "Smoke" Alofs and Curt "Shooter" Meppelink
have put together an entertaining DVD of waterfowl hunting
action, sprinkled with some behind the scenes action any
waterfowler is bound to identify with.  I really enjoyed the fact
that it felt like I was a friend getting the story from another friend,
as opposed to a more formal presentation.

The DVD consists of five segments.  The first four are storylines
from hunts in four different locations, including a youth segment
I thought was really neat.  Getting youths involved in our sport is
extremely important for a lot of reasons, and I commend Todd
and Curt for making the effort.  The final segment is essentially
a montage on action that I found very entertaining.  It is
apparent that "Smoke" and "Shooter" really enjoy all aspects of
waterfowling, and they aren't too proud to have fun and joke
around a little.  The scene where "Smoke" shows his trade
secrets of callmaking was funny!

All in all, "Chasin The Dream" is an entertaining DVD, produced
by a couple of good, down to earth folks who truly enjoy what
they do.  I recommend it!